The Celtic Way Walk runs from Pembrokeshire to Stonehenge, and then to Glastonbury. It uses old tracks, new routes and ancient sites to define it. Its landscape and character are ancient and Celtic.

 This site gives access to the original details for general interest and archive purposes, and news about revision and updating as it occurs.    BE AWARE that the original walking details are out of date and should not be used for sole guidance.  

The original route THE CELTIC WAY  -  A Long Distance Walk Through Western Britain was published by Sigma in 1998.

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Pembrokeshire: Recent research indicates sites where the Bluestones might have been quarried and also that a possible 'Bluestone Stonehenge' might be found in the Preseli Mountains that predates Stonehenge.

Each year we join the link with Sohland Observatory in Saxony for the midsummer solstice. Enthusiasts from over 40 megalithic sites join together to highlight the sites and the sunset alignments. We have linked from Stonehenge, Arthur's Stone, and the entrance to the Lascaux One caves in France. This year we shall be linking from Glastonbury and following the line.